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To inquire or purchase the following copies or plans, please e-mail ... Items ex-Australia.

BOOKS from my personal library...  House moving sale unfortunately!
‘Official History of Australia in the War 1914-1918' - C.E.W. Bean.
Full original set of 12 volumes, 5th ed. 1936, ex-Sydney Technical College, library loan stickers on front page. V.G.- Exc.condition although spine on Vol. XII coming away. Ian: 07 5594 7911. Can deliver Sydney or Melbourne in mid-Feb. $1,495

'Encyclopedia of Military History from 3500 BC to present' - Dupuy & Dupuy. 1464 pages, one of my most prized references on wars and campaigns. HC with dust jacket, a little wear but binding and condition is quite good. $95.

'Encyclopedia of 19th Century Land Warfare' - Byron Farewell. 900 pages, another prized reference, HC with dust jacket, Exc.- Fine condition. $95.

Aust. WW2 Coastwatcher trilogy - 3 books by Lionel Veale MID, ex-1st Ind. Coy Commando. Hard cover editions with dust jackets, 'Wewak Mission' 310pp, ''Long Island' 304pp & 'The Final Missions' 301pp., as new, autographed. Also 'The Coast Watchers' (Lindsay) pb 416pp, exc. All 4 books for $99.

Burma Thailand Railway book collection - 9 titles. 'Death Railway' (Evers) pb 105pp; 'Burma-Thailand Railway' (McCormack & Nelson) pb 175pp; 'Last Stop Nagasaki' (Clarke) pb 135pp; Railroad to Burma (Boyle) autographed hc  d/j, 198pp.; 'War Diaries of Weary Dunlop' hc, d/j, 401pp.; 'Burma-Thailand Railway of Death' (Hall) hc, 295pp.; 'Hellfire Pass Memorial' pb, 40pp.; 'Thai-Burma Railway' pb, 60pp.; 'Lost Legion' (Allanson). All in exc. condition, the lot for $99.

'The Colonial New Zealand Wars' (Ryan & Parham) 1986, pb, 226pp, autographed copy. Well illustrated, Exc. - Fine condition. $30

'Arms & Accoutrements of the Mounted Police 1873-1973' (Phillips & Klancher) - Museum Restoration Service Canada, 1982. Fine condition, $35 

'The Dominion Arsenal at Quebec 1880-1945' - Official, 1947. Presented to Col. McCullan by the Vic-President Brigadier Theriault CBE. Annotated with business card. HC, d/j, 133pp. Well i llustrated, fold-out photos too. Rare book, $99 

'Headstamps & Markings on .303 inch British Service Ammunition'- Edwards. 55pp, with autographed note in the back. Tony did my .303 cartridge chapters in the Lee-Enfield books, he died a few years ago. Colour pages of wrappers, spiral binding with hard plastic covers. Another prime reference on cartridges. $80.

British Gunmakers & Ordnance Contractors, set of 6 books - Sold together; the most complete record of British gun trade and Board of Ordnance contractors. 'British Gunmakers Vol 1, London' (Nigel Brown) 280pp, 'British Gunmakers Vol.2, Birmingham, &c.' 459pp, 'British Gunmakers Vol.3, Index, additional, &c'. (Nigel Brown) 299pp, HC, d/j, colour plates; 'Gunmakers of London Supplement' (Blackmore) 156pp, HC d/j; 'Boothroyds revised Directory of' British Gunmakers' (Boothroyd) HC, d/j 412pp; 'British Board of Ordnance Small Arms Contractors 1689-1840' (Bailey), pb 96pp. All fine, as new, $385.

'The Lee-Enfield Rifle' E.G.B. Reynolds, 1970224pp, HC d/j. The book that started it all! Some wear as you'd expect on a good reference. Some notes by a well-known researcher/author makes it more memorable, $145.

'Pattern 1914 and US Model 1917 Rifles' Stratton, pb 154pp: 'M1917 Enfield Rifle' manual reprint, Combat Bookshelf, pb, 80pp. V.G.-Exc. 2 books $25 .

'Small Arms of the World' 1969 ed.- Smith & Smith. HC, d/j, 768pp, a classic on international rifles, MGs & pistols. Age & wear on d/j, but binding is good. $40. 

More prime reference books to follow, not often available. Pictures to come too.

  Armourers & Factory Drawings...
rmourer's Drawings, fold out full-size work charts for .303 Magazine Lee-Metford & Magazine Lee-Enfield Rifles & Carbines, 1890-1899... 
Full set of 20 on acid free paper, better than originals as these are rolled rather than folded, old fold marks retouched. $110.00 plus post in long mailing tube.
Short set of 13 which has essential models, $65.00 plus post in mailing tube. 
Armourer's Drawings, fold out work charts for .303 Short Magazine Lee- Enfield, Marks I, I*, I***, II Cd., III, IV Cd., & III*, .22 No.2, No.3, 1905-1945. 
Set of 10 on acid free paper, better than originals as these are rolled rather than folded, any old fold marks retouched. $60.00 plus postage in mailing tube. 
Armourer's Drawings, fold out full-size work charts for .577 Snider, .450 Martini-Henry & Martini-Enfield Rifles & Carbines, 1869-1899... 
Set of 6 on acid free paper, better than originals as these are rolled rather than folded, old fold marks retouched. $35.00 plus post in mailing tube. 
Armourer's Charts, fold out full-size revolver prints for .450 Enfield Mk I & II, .455 Webley Mks I- VI, .380 Enfield & No.1 Signal Pistol, 1890-1945... 
Set of 10 on acid free paper, better than originals as these are rolled rather than folded, old fold marks retouched. $60.00 plus post in mailing tube. 
Armourer's Drawings, fold out Australian charts for the .303 Bren, Vickers, Lewis, Hotchkiss, Boys & mounts, SAID & DD(E) WW1-WW2... 
Set of 10 on acid free paper, plus 4 Australian WW2 VDC instructional wall charts. Total 14 sheets, $80.00 plus post in mailing tube. 
Factory production & armourer's drawings, full-size for the P'07 Aust. bayonet variants, Owen MC bayonets, Machete bayonet, WW2 era... 
Set of 8 on acid free paper, better than the originals as blueprints have been reversed and old folds retouched. $45.00 plus post in mailing tube. 
Instructional Charts, original size. Vickers, Lewis, Bren, Thompson
& SMLE, Australian VDC enlarged from WW2 fold-out landscape book
Set of 5 sheets enlarged from A3+. Newly printed on acid free paper, any old fold marks retouched. $50.00 plus post in mailing tube. 
Charlton, Reider & Australian Autoloading SMLE Conversions... 
About 20 full-size and reduced drawings on acid free paper. Some annotated with amendments by inventor. This group includes 'Collector' magazine issue No.1 which features an article on the conversions and photos of the model now in the Lithgow S.A.F. Museum collection. $80.00 plus post in mailing tube. 
De Lisle Commando Carbine & Sten Mk VI... 
Set of 2 large (full size 1:1 scale) sheets, newly printed on acid free paper plus 2 only A4-size manufacturing drawings of the .45 bolthead modification and shortened .303 striker components.  $30.00 plus post in mailing tube. 

CD with Images & Data... .45 De Lisle Commando Carbine...
Over 100 photos & .pdf files of William De Lisle with his .22 prototype, original test models, Enfield RSAF & MOD Pattern Room samples including specimen stripped and disassembled at Nottingham, Warminster Museum examples includes folding stock paratroop model, Sten Mk V & Mk VI for comparison.   
$30 plus pack & post.







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  Fine or Mint Shining new, like just out of the wrapper or box.
Exc. Like new.
VG+:  Most original finish.
VG :  Some original finish, little wear.
Good:  Little original finish, showing wear.
Poor:  No original finish, well worn.


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