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'BRITISH SERVICE LEE' Presentation Edition, #117 of 300 numbered copies, autographed to collector in July 1982.
11 x 8.5 in., 410 pp., hard cover, leatherette with gold blocking, pub. Skennerton 1982,
Arms & Armour Press (UK) co-print in Australia by Inprint, Geebung, Qld.

This was the 1982 edition, considered by collectors as the '1st Edition Skennerton' Lee-Enfield book
This example also has the regular dust-jacket for protection, the book is in near mint, original condition.

Priced at AUD $185 (ca. US$125) plus shipping  ...     ...     SOLD

'BRITISH SERVICE LEE' - 1st edition  of Ian Skennerton's Lee-Enfield publications, autographed copy.
11 x 8.5 in., 410 pp., 100's of illustrations, hard cover with dust jacket, pub. Skennerton 1982.

This 1982 edition is considered by book and firearms collectors today as being the '1st Edition Skennerton' Lee-Enfield book.
This was followed by 'Lee-Enfield Story' in 1992 and then the final edition in 2007-2008 was 'The Lee-Enfield'.
With dust-jacket in nice original condition, showing signs of relatively little use.

Priced at AUD $85 (ca. US$75) plus shipping  ...     ...     SOLD
Hard cover with dust jacket, 9½ x 6in., 231 pp, 130 illust., 1976.
Print run 2,000 numbered copies, plus 500 overseas editions. ISBN 0 9597438 0 4. Out of print in 1985.

Ian Skennerton’s first title, a study of the service rifles and carbines from the ‘Brown Bess’ of the first fleet,
through colonial days and federation up to the 7.62mm L1A1.
In today’s market, copies sell for: Exc-Fine condition.. c.$200.00. This copy, dust jacket has some wear.

This copy numbered 114, autographed with matching number to its companion Australian Service Bayonets
Hard cover with dust jacket, 9½ x 6 in., 122 pp, c.100 illust., 1989.
Print run 2,000 numbered copies. ISBN 0 9598438 1 2. Out of print since 1987.

Companion to ‘Australian Service Longarms’, describing the associated issue bayonets. Some experimental models are shown too.
All variants are found in ‘British & Commonwealth Bayonets’ although descriptions and colonial issues are more detailed.
Today in Exc. condition... c.$100.00, here offered as a set ...
A$300.00, US220.00, plus p&p   ...     ...     BOTH  BOOKS  SOLD
This copy is also numbered 114, autographed, offered as a set of 2 companion books. This copy, dust jacket has some wear.

'S.L.R. - Australia's F.N. F.A.L.’ Skennerton & Balmer 
Soft cover edition, 9½ x 6 in., 122 pp, c.100 illust., 1989. ISBN 0 949749 13 3. 
In depth study of the Lithgow L1A1 and L2A1 automatic variant, SAF target models, PNG model and U.S. model.
A graphic analysis of Australian production and the gradual changes to component parts during the decades of manufacture. 
Both hard cover and paperback editions have been unavailable for a few years now.

One copy only, autographed in 1970 without the person's name...
A$90.00, US75.00, plus p&p    ...     ...     SOLD
Early soft cover editions now fetch c.$120+, have seen advertised for US$200. 
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