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Update 9th January 2023— 

  • TWO NEW TITLES for 2023...


    1. At last, a book on 'British & Commonwealth Signal Pistols'
        by Rick Landers & Ian Skennerton., 64 pgs, 140 illustrations.

    2. 'Proofs, Stamps & Trade Marks for Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns
         An International Guide, Edition of 2023

        by Paul Fowkes, edited with Ian Skennerton. 144 pgs, 2,000+ illustrations

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    Recent clips include the 9mm Owen and Austen, 7.62mm SLR, &c.



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  • UPDATE...

    'Broad Arrow Mk 2' hard and soft cover editions, Presentation edition only available from Oregon, this edition sold out in Oz, NZ and UK where only soft covers available now.

    Don't pay US$1,000+ for a 2001 edition, the Mk 2 is much bigger and better! 

    Prices: US$50 (A$70) - soft cover edition
    US$100 (A$135) Presentation HC edition with Resources CD enclosed.
    Separately the CD is $5.00.

    The Mk 2 is an updated and improved edition which has a larger page size, 20+ more pages, many more illustrations and colour plates.

    Only a limited number of HC Presentation copies remain in the U.S.A. now.
    Resources CD has folders of photos & pdf files with much more detail than could be printed in any book.

  •  Lee-Enfield shooters - LERA
                      (Lee-Enfield Rifle Association of Australia)
    Regular shoots at Hill End in country NSW. www.leraa.com
    Facebook page is www.facebook.com/groups/1721669698132136/ 

    Enfields rule!

  • Replacement barrels on Lithgow rifles can be determined by the number of inspection marks around the breech, 'A' in a star with inspection no. below. Barrels have 4 view stamps around the breech circumference. A 5th was added after inspection, screwed into the action body. So later replacement barrels can be determined, usually a replacement serial no. was stamped when fitted during FTR at ordnance depot or by field armourers.

    1st proof of the barrel was done in a proof block jig, 2nd proof with barrel breeched up to action body. Barrels were dated on left side with year, e.g. '17, serial nos. were added after they were mated up when the rifle was assembled.

  • New 'Collector' index on the huge range of articles for the 30 quarterly and annual series. See Collector index for quarterlies $5, annuals $20 plus p&p. Bulk discounts available or the full set for A$140.

  •  New!
    'Sword-bayonet Pattern 1907 in British Service
    by Michael Rose. First of 3 volumes, for 1907-1914.
    Following Michael's series on Patt. 1888 & Patt. 1903 bayonets. Soft cover, 210 pages, well illustrated, compiled resource material. E-mail Michael
    fam.rose5@bigpond.com $55 plus $13 postage (Australia).

  • Don't pay so much for out-of-print e.g. .303 No.4(T) Armourers Perspective!
    Our new CD has pdf files including 'British Sniper', L42A1 & L39A1 Manuals & Parts Catalogue, Faris catalogue, photo folders, video clips. We'll do a CD on out-of-print S.A.I.S. titles soon. $25 plus p&p... $6 in Oz, $10 overseas.


  • Full On - Full Auto 1 - British & US Machineguns - 70 min. run time DVD

    + $8 p&p, $12 o'seas post.
    'Full Auto 2 - German & Comblock MGs'
    are subjects in the following DVD.

    S.A.S. Live - 'SLR, the FAL with Kevin Adams'
      is now available too.

  • 30 Years - From piano & synths to film.
    Music CD by Ian Skennerton, $9.50 plus p&p.
    Run time c.80 minutes, mostly classical piano; synthesisers near the end.

  • Small Arms Series Live DVD SMLE trailer from Badger at Milsurps Forum.
    Click strip to download 8 min. trailer, well worth the wait!   

  • Brian Labudda, new Wondai shop...
    Bigger with even more militaria, parts, antiques, &c. at Wondai Q.4606.
    On the main street (11-13 Scott St.).
    An old service station on the corner, last on the left headed north, or 1st on the right going south on Bunya Highway (49) from Kingaroy.
    Postal address... PO Box 770, Kingaroy 4610. 
    Mobile 0400 625 366

  • More on Serial Number Stamps on Lee-Enfields...
    When MLM, MLE & SMLE rifles left the factory, serials were usually stamped only on the action body, barrel (right side of knox form) and bolt handle. Base Ordnance Depots, workshops and armourers generally transcribed serials onto underside of the sight leaf, fore-end (SMLE only) and nosecap (SMLE only). Such stamps are usually different sizes to those on the body and barrel.

    For MLM, MLE and early SMLEs, action bodies started with a progressive lot letter (no prefix at first then A thru' Z) prior to numbers being stamped, so the letter can appear above or below the numbers as a suffix or prefix on the earlier rifles and carbines. Letter prefix/suffix was often not recorded in factory records, such as the sniper rifle conversion lists at Lithgow. Detailed serial no. lists are found in our Research CD for the S.M.L.E.  

  • Shortened SMLE's... We've noted shortened SMLE's in UK museums listed as 'jungle rifles', however unlike the Lithgow Shortened & Lightened (20.2-in. brl.) they are converted or modified downgraded SMLE's. We also note shortened No.1 rifles at the Singleton Infantry Museum with 18.2-in barrels. It is noteworthy that these Australian 'short' rifles have only 200 & 600 yd peep sights rather than bed backsights up to 2,000 yds.

    Pre-dating Far East needs, these are not 'jungle rifles'. A closer investigation of the British origin shortened rifles leads us to believe that they were modified at Base Ordnance Depots as some parts are unnumbered, using spares or cannibalised components.

    Some AFV schedules have rifles but fitting prevents a 44.5-in. long SMLE. Pre-WW2, rather a shortened No.1, by about 5-ins. A short rifle in Faris' collection lead us to conclude that the requirement would be for AFV during WW2 when his was modified from a 1941 Lithgow.  'Tanker' models extend well beyond the British realm. After the word spreads, beware of fakes! 

  • Visit our www.enfieldcollector.com site; eventually there will be more pages on .577 Enfield, Snider-Enfield, .450 & .303 Martini, MLM & MLE, SMLE, Rifle No.4, &c.



DVD & CD set $35.00

DVD & CD set $35.00

DVD & CD set $25.00

DVD & CD set $35

DVD & CD set $35

DVD only $19.50


#23 L-E Parts Catalogue








 New MG Shoots north Arizona.
The range at the Wagonbow Ranch turn-off near Wikieup on state 93, is 42 miles south of Kingman and I-40, 130 miles from Las Vegas, 150 miles from Pheonix or 160 miles from Flagstaff. Flagstaff has the best priced motels for travellers!

The high desert range in the Aquarius mountains has four shoots each year, the MG Shooters website is at www.mgshooters.com 

Postal address: MG Shooters LLC, PO Box 5672, Scottsdale AZ 85261. Call Ed Hope: (928) 527-9171.

The SAAACA (Southern Africa Arms & Ammunition Collectors Association) now posts Journals by e-mail .pdf files in color. Back issues are also available. The range of topics is from antique to modern, rifles, pistols, bayonets, machine guns, ammo, &c. Go to www.saaaca.org.za

 Small Arms Identification Series: exploded parts drawings, stripping, &c.: 
SAIS #1  .303 Rifle No.1 SMLE
SAIS #2  .303 Rifle No.4
SAIS #3  9mm Austen & Owen MC
SAIS #4  .303 Rifle No.5 Mk I
SAIS #5  .303 Bren LMG
SAIS #6  British Sword & Lance- out of print
SAIS #7  .303 MLM & MLE Rifles
SAIS #8  .303 Vickers MG Mk I
SAIS #9  .455 Webley Revolver
SAIS #10  .303 Patt. 1914 & Snipers
SAIS #11  9mm Sten Mk I, I*, 2 & 3
SAIS #12  7.62mm L1 & C1 FAL- out of print
SAIS #13  Special Lee-Enfield, De Lisle, auto conversions
SAIS #14  .303 Lewis M.G.- out of print
SAIS #15  .450 & .303 Martini
SAIS #16  British Empire Cadet Rifles
SAIS #17  .45 Thompson SMG- out of print
SAIS #18  7.62mm L42A1, L39, 2A &c.
SAIS #19  Australian SMLE Variations- out of print
SAIS #20 .577 Snider-Enfield & Patt.53
SAIS #21 .30 Browning M1919A4 MG
SAIS #22  British Empire Sniper Rifles
SAIS #23  Lee-Enfield Parts Catalogue
SAIS #24  9mm Sten Mk V, VI & IIS
Handbooks... some out of print now.

'Buyers Guide to Lee-Enfields' - 50pp, pocket reference - low stock.

.303 converted Carcano M91 long rifles in a rack (6 of) noticed at the Lithgow SAF Museum along with Italian M94 carbine w/ folding bayonet, re-chambered and re-bored for .303 British. Dutch 6.5mm Mannlichers were converted to .303 at Lithgow for Dutch East Indies, reportedly sunk by the Japanese en route to the Dutch East Indies. These are the subject of an article posted on our Archives page. The .303 Carcanos and .303 Mannlichers, both previously in 6.5mm calibre, are very likely related.

The Lithgow Small Arms Museum campaign to buy the land and buildings from Thales (no longer ADI or Australian government) is no longer applicable. To contact the Museum write to LSA Museum, PO Box 564, Lithgow NSW 2790, Australia. www.enfieldcollector.com/lithgow.html  to view this fine record of Australian service and commercial firearms history. 

US Army, Navy & Air Force bases with 'public' museums are off limits to foreigners without prior arrangement, since 9/11. Bases at Aberdeen, Rock Island, Dayton AFB and others are open now only to US nationals as access to all U.S. bases is restricted. Even if you are a British, Australian, Kiwi or Canadian ally and ex-serviceman who served alongside U.S. forces!
So much for their allies whose men have also made sacrifices for the cause. Politics again...

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