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‘The LEE-ENFIELD’ Skennerton 
A Century of Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield Rifles & Carbines. Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 608 pp, 1,200+ illust., dust jacket, 2007.
ISBN 978 0 949749 82 6.
The final, updated successor to ‘British Service Lee’ and 'Lee-Enfield Story'. New chapters include Serial Numbers, Hybrids, Components Evolution, Ammunition, &c. Enlarged index, new book also has red, white & blue ribbon page markers.  US$79.50, A$99.50, plus p&p

'The BROAD ARROW Mk 2’ Skennerton 
British & Empire Factory Production, Proof, Inspection, Armourers, Unit & Issue Markings. 
11 x 8 in., 162 pp, 120+ illust., 2020.
ISBN 0 949749 43 5.
Thousands of service markings illustrated, for rifles, muskets, pistols, edged weapons, &c. Invaluable reference on unit markings, for medal collectors too.
Limp cover, colour plates. Presentation hard cover numbered edition of 303 copies available too.
pb US$50.00  A$70.00, Pres. hc US$ $100  A$135.00

‘The LEE-ENFIELD’ Skennerton 
A Century of Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield Rifles & Carbines. Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 608 pp, 1,200+ illust., dust jacket, 2007. ISBN 978 0 949749 82 6. PRESENTATION COPY
Few copies remaining only in North America now. 303 numbered copies produced with gold page edging, leatherette cover with gold block embossing, comes in a slip case with jacket, autographed and sealed in plastic. 
US$160.00, A$185.00, plus p&p

'BRITISH SMALL ARMS OF W.W. 2’ Skennerton   LOW STOCK, few also left in USA
The Complete Reference Guide to Weapons, Maker’s Codes & 1936-1946 Contracts. 
Hard cover w/ dust jacket, 9 x 6 in., 110 pages, 36 illustrations, 1988. ISBN 0 949749 09 5.
An invaluable reference extracted from Ministry of Supply ledgers and Pattern Room library. 
US$40.00, A$45.00 plus p&p

New Pocket book.  Skennerton 
Limp cover, 8 in. x 4 in., 48 pp, 65 illust., 2008. ISBN 978 0 949749 89 5.
Two-colour print, pocket-book, ready reference out & about. With chapters on Ready Identification, Where to Buy, Condition Essentials, Accessories, Fakes, Markings, Serial Nos, Production Figures, Using the Internet, Collecting or Shooting, &c. A$30.00, US$25.00, plus p&p

‘A TREATISE ON THE BRITISH MILITARY MARTINI Vol. I, .450 Martini-Henry., 1869-c.1900’ Temple & Skennerton  
Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 256 pp, 114 illust., dust jacket, 1983 (2nd printing 1996). ISBN 0 9596108 8 X.
Our reprint has better quality art paper and illustrations, enhancing what was already the standard reference work on these renowned British Empire and Colonial service .450-in. bore breech- loading rifles and carbines.  OUT OF PRINT

Catalogued Encyclopedia of Collective Pistols & Revolvers.  Hayes & Skennerton 
Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 592 pp, 3,550 colour illust., dust jacket, 2007. ISBN 978 0 949749 83 3.
This full-colour presentation is arranged from A-Z... Australasia, British, Colt, Demonstration Cut-away, Enfield, Free Western Europe, Germanic, High Standard, Italy, &c. to Zuid Afrik Republic.  US$25.00, A$30.00, plus p&p

‘A TREATISE ON THE BRITISH MILITARY MARTINI Vol. II, .40 & .303 Martinis, 1880-c.1920’ Temple & Skennerton  
Hard cover, 11 x 8 in., 213 pp, 135 illust., dust jacket, 1989. ISBN 0 9596108 6 3.
The 2nd volume in this 3-part series, the trials Enfield- Martini and subsequent .303 converted rifles and carbines are thoroughly detailed. The .303 Martini was essentially a reserve grade arm in the British service but a front line issue to Colonial forces.  US$75.00, A$85.00, plus p&p   OUT OF PRINT
British Service Longarms, 1866-c.1880. 
Hard cover, 9 x 6 in., 240 pp, 8 colour plates, 100 illust., dust jacket, 2003. ISBN 0 949749 47 8. Britain's first breech-loader converted from Enfield muskets, then new-made with Mk III breech shoe. Trials, development, rifles & carbines are detailed with cartridges, new data on models and accessories. Appendix has Snider correspondence, a glossary and comprehensive index. Deluxe presentation with red ribbon marker. A$50.00, US45.00, plus p&p
AUSTRALIAN ANTIQUE ARMS & HISTORY - The best of John Swinfield
Edited & Produced by Ian Skennerton
Hard cover with dust jacket, 312 pages, 12 x 8 in. A4 size, 500 photos including 8 colour plates.
Published in 2009, ISBN 978-0-949749-97-0.
From 1960, John was columnist for the 'Sporting Shooter' and then 'Guns Australia' periodicals. Also a record of collecting in Australia, the personalities, shows and so much more. Quality production on art paper with a heavy-duty jacket. 
A$49.50, US$40 plus p&p, last copies
Hard cover edition, 9 x 6 in., 124 pp, 205 illust., dust jacket, 1988. ISBN 0 949749 11 7. 
200 years of service longarms and bayonets from colonial times through federation. Brown Bess thru' percussion Enfield, Snider and Martini rifles, short rifles & carbines, thru' long and short Lee-Enfields to 7.62mm L1A1 and current issue 5.56mm F88 Steyr AUG. Previously out of stock, a case found in our US east coast warehouse.
A$45.00, US35.00, plus p&p  OUT OF PRINT
An Armourer's Perspective: .303 No.4(T) SNIPER RIFLE and the Holland & Holland Connection’ Laidler & Skennerton 
Hard cover edition, 9 x 6 in., 126 pp, 80 illust., no dust jacket, 1993. ISBN 0 949749 17 6. 
In depth study of the WW2 British & Canadian sniper rifle, its accoutrements & accessories through to the 7.62mm L42A1 conversions. $120, used condition Previously out of print but a pack found in our US east coast warehouse. A$220.00, US180.00, plus p&p
Early soft cover edition fetches c.$100+

Skennerton & Stamps
Hard & soft cover ed's, 9 x 6 in., 126 pp, 80 illust., hard cover dust jacket, 1992. ISBN 0 949749 16 8. 
British service revolvers were made by contractors, primarily Webley. But in the 1920s, RSAF production began and variants introduced; WW2 production was farmed out to Scotland’s Albion works, a few were made by HAC in NSW, Australia during WW2 too. 
US$35.00 hc, US$25 pb plus pack & post
AU$40.00 hc, A$30.00 pb plus pack & post

See 'Small Arms Identification Series' page:
 .303 Rifle No. 1, S.M.L.E.  new reprint  [SAIS #1]
 .303 Rifle No. 4   new reprint [SAIS #2]
 .303 Rifle No. 5   reprinted [SAIS #4]
 .303 Lee-Metford & Lee-Enfield Rifles  [SAIS #7]
 .455 Webley No.1 Revolvers  new reprint  [SAIS #9]
 .303 Rifle No.3, P'14 & sniper variants [SAIS #10]
 7.62mm L1 & C1 FAL Rifles  new reprint [SAIS #12]
 .450 & .303 Martini Rifles & Carbines  [SAIS #15]
 British Empire Cadet Training Rifles  [SAIS #16]
 7.62 L42A1, L39A1, L8 & 2A Conversion  [SAIS #18]
 Australian S.M.L.E. Variations  [SAIS #19]
 .577 Pattern 1853 Enfield & Snider  [SAIS #20]
 British Empire Sniper Rifles  [SAIS #22]
 Lee-Enfield Parts Catalogue  [SAIS #23]

DVD & Resources CD 2-disc Sets
#1 - .303 SMLE with Brian Labudda

#2 - Rifle No.4 & No.5 with Brian Labudda
#3 - S.L.R., the FAL with Kevin Adams

#4 - Full On ~ Full Auto 1 (British & US MGs)  
#5 - Full On ~ Full Auto 2 (German & Combloc)                  
See our new DVD-CD page...  
DVD & CD sets, the new digital media which makes the reference books so much easier to understand and to remember.

Independent Digital Studio,
Filmed, produced & edited by Ian Skennerton

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