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AUSTRALIAN ANTIQUE ARMS & HISTORY - The best of John Swinfield  Edited & Produced by Ian Skennerton
Hard cover with dust jacket, 312 pages, 12 x 8 in. A4 size, 500 photos including 8 colour plates.
Published in 2009, ISBN 978-0-949749-97-0.
From 1960, John was columnist for the 'Sporting Shooter' and then 'Guns Australia' periodicals. Also a record of collecting in Australia, the personalities, shows and so much more. Quality production on art paper with a heavy-duty jacket.  A$60.00, US$45.00 plus p&p  Last copy

Hard cover with dust jacket, 322 pages, 12 x 8 in. A4 size, 70 illustrations including 2 colour plates.
Published in 2010, ISBN 978-0-646-52164-0.
Excellent resume of their action on Gallipoli and Palestine with full nominal rolls of 5LH and 30 reinforcements plus 'B' Sqn. 11th LH.   A$49.50  
48th Foot in New South Wales colony

Clem Sargent, Canberra, 1996
Limp cover, matte art paper, colour plates,
200 pages. 12 x 8 in. size with index.
The Northamptonshire Regiment in NSW and Van Diemen's Land, a record of their posting, issue arms, medals list, nominal rolls and details of those who became settlers after discharge with their details, employment, &c.  A$40.00  
MILITARY INK ~ The pen at war
Scott Novzen, International Military Antiques 2010
Hard cover, 96 pages, 12 x 8 in. with hundreds of illustrations as line drawings & duotones.
Featured in I.M.A. advertisements since 1985, these captioned classics range from Viking raiders through Napoleonic era through WW1 & WW2 to Iraq. Six pages of notes at the end detail the characters. A great gift and coffee table book that will provide hours of entertainment.  A$25.00

Hard cover with dust jacket, 136 pages, A5,
8 x 5 in. size, full colour. Hundreds of illustrations, published 2007.
Excellent reference on medal ribbons worn by Australians since 1815. Includes civilian awards, must-have for medal and uniform collectors.
Foreword by Major-General Mark Evans, DSC, AM, Head of Defence Personnel Executive, August 2006. Published Rick Landers.

BRITISH COMMONWEALTH WEB EQUIPMENT: 1871-1944  Edited by Rick Landers  Soft cover, 7 x 5 in. A5 size, 100 illust. 192pp. Published 2005, ISBN 1-876713 14 3.
Compilation British Commonwealth Load Carrying Equipment Instructions: Patt.1871 Valise; Patt.1882 Valise; Patt.1888 Slade Wallace; Patt.1901 Naval; Patt.1903 Bandolier; Patt.1908 Web Infantry; Patt. 1914 Leather Infantry; Patt.1919. Web Naval; Patt. 1937 Web; Patt.1944 Web Equipment.  A$30.00

LIST of CHANGES in BRITISH WAR MATERIAL relating to Edged Weapons, Firearms, Associated Ammunition & Accoutrements’ 
War Office monthly issues, bound as volumes by Commanding Officers. Hard covers, 8 x 5 in., 5-volume series to cover 1860 thru' 1926.

War Office lists were first circulated as ‘Changes in Artillery Materiel, Small Arms, Accoutrements and other Military Stores’. From the late 1860s they became ‘List of Changes in Artillery Materiel, Small Arms and other Military Stores’. In 1872 they were renamed the ‘List of Changes in War Materiel and of Patterns of Military Stores’.

Each item on issue from siege guns, mounts & carriages to wagons & small arms and trivia such as admirals’ chamber pots and rat traps, was announced on introduction and any change or advance in mark or nomenclature notified therein.

From this library of bound volumes, paragraph references relevant to rifles, carbines, pistols, bayonets, swords, dirks, accoutrements & accessories, leather & webbing equipment, ammunition, pouches, chargers, rifle chests & ammunition boxes, are compiled into a useful format, listing dates of approval and introduction. 

Reference here is made by paragraph number rather than page or section. This a veritable bible for collectors of British firearms, edged weapons or militaria. The List of Changes were often referred to in official correspondence and papers.

Land forces, Naval forces and later, Air Ministry, were separate services to which a distinguishing letter was applied, ‘L’ for land, ‘N’ for naval and ‘A’ for air; ‘C’ was used where an issue was common to all forces. This designation letter was applied to the nomenclature heading of each item.

Each volume indexed with master index in Vol 5.
Vol. I (1860-1866), 170 pp, 100 illust. out of print
Vol. II (1886-1900), 210 pp, 75 illust. out of print
Vol. III (1900-1910), 216 pp, 80 illust.$20.00
Vol. IV (1910-1918), 192 pp, 35 illust.$20.00
Vol. V (1918-1926), 210 pp, 13 illust. $20.00
The five volumes are only available as a set ... ...
Full set special ...  $185.00      

‘SADDLE UP’ Rick Landers
Australian Load Carrying Equipment of British, American & Local Origin. 
Hard cover with dust jacket, 11 x 8 in., 128 pp, approx 250 illust. plus 8-page full colour illustrated section with appropriate uniforms and small arms. ISBN 0 646 35322 5, 1998. 
The pouches, slings, haversacks, leather & webbing, bandoliers, frogs, &c. from earliest Colonial days in the eighteenth century to current issues, and on into the future. Also includes current the NATO stock numbers. $75.00
Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
Soft embossed cover, 9 x 6 in., 88 pp with 60 illust. Facsimile reprint of desirable 1925 edition. This edition features technical descriptions of 20 models available at the time; lever, pump, bolt and self-loading rimfire, center-fire rifles and shotguns. Particularly useful are the drawings and descriptions of cartridges marketed by Winchester then too. A$15.00, US$12.00 LAST COPY
Hard cover, 10 x 7 in., 429 pages with extra fold-out charts, illustrated. Laminated dust jacket over gold-blocked leatherette cover and binding, similar to the original copies. This volume is best known of the British service textbooks, detailing British, European and American rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenades, swords, bayonets and ammunition. Ammunition technology of the day is particularly well detailed. A$49.50, US$39.50
Hard cover, 9 x 6 in., 480 pp, 180 illust. with 9 additional full-colour plates plus fold-out charts. Facsimile reprint 1999, with dust jacket. Very well-detailed and fully indexed treatise on British service small arms ammunition, gun ammunition, rockets, powder, charges, fuses, shot & projectiles. Especially for 19th century artillery enthusiasts, this would have to be the ultimate reference for ammunition of the period.  A$29.50


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