Inaugurated in July of 2018 on the Gold Coast
to cater for the many aspects of Film Making.
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Regular workshops and meets are announced
on our Facebook page now...
or do a search for Gold Coast Film Makers Guild

  Workshops for...
o  Video & Still Cameras            o  Sound recording
o  Linear & Non-linear Editing    o  Script writing
o  Actors & Actresses                 o  Narrators
Workshops... Sat 21/7
  boat ramp, Marine Pde.
At studio, Sat 04/8, 29/9
Rehearsals 2/10, 6/11
Xmas lights, Wed 26/12

  New website to feature...
o  Updates with productions & workshops
o  Library with tutorials & podcasts
o  Competitions, festivals & events
  The Film Makers Guild, PO Box 45, Labrador Q.4215, Australia
o Ian Skennerton - 0406 925 976
o Robert Moller - 0426 822 733
o CJ Cronin - 0456 637 848
  Come along and join in!
Video or still cameras, sound or wannabe actors.
We invite young and old, experienced or novice.
You don't need any gear, we train assistants too.